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Tuesday, September 24, 2010 Introduction to Text Effects and Styles In this tutorial, Andrew will cover a number of topics that will help you create text effects and styles in Adobe After Effects. You'll learn how to make text bold, italicize, change the color of the text, add new fonts, change the font size, customize the text, and add text effects. We'll start by creating a new composition and importing a picture of a book into the comp. We'll then add a background to the composition and move the text up and down in the comp. We'll add effects to the text, create styles, and adjust the font settings. Finally, we'll link the text to a still image on the timeline and place the text over the image to create an interesting effect. 1. Create a New Composition Let's create a new composition for our text effects tutorial. Create a new composition by going to Comp 1 and choosing New Composition from the File menu. In the Composition Options dialog box, select RGB Color Space and click OK. In the New Composition dialog box, click OK. On the Time Line, select the Import Image control. Select the book image you want to place in the comp. Open the Import Options dialog box. Click Open. The image will be imported into the comp. 2. Add a Background We'll add a background to the composition by selecting the Background layer in the Layers panel and dragging it into the comp. Then, we'll set the background to cover the entire composition. Select the Background layer in the Layers panel and drag it to the composition. Make sure the Comp Only option is checked. 3. Place the Text in the Comp Place the text over the background. The text will be placed above the background. To add text, go to the Time Line and select the Text control. In the Text Options dialog box, specify the text style and enter the text. Click OK to exit the dialog box. 4. Add a Background Gradient Let's add a gradient to the background to make the text look more interesting. In the Layers panel, select the Background layer. Double-click the Background Gradient control to open the Gradient Editor. Drag the Background Gradient to the background layer. Select




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Element 3d Plugin After Effects Free 19 demefaus

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